Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Internet.org - something fundamentally wrong

Facebook has gone mad in India with its marketing strategy to market and promote internet.org which is being fought against by internet advocacy groups and has run into odds with TRAI.

Facebook should think twice about its marketing strategy in India. The kind of misinformation and aggressive marketing strategy used by Reliance Jio and FB shows that there is something fundamentally wrong with the whole free basics and internet.org . Today there are three full page ads of internet.org practically telling people to force government to allow internet.org.

My question is if its not a commercial venture then why so much of funding is being pushed in so much of advertisements. Rather a better option will be if it does do a better market study and instead of becoming messiah of India's internet should stop wasting its big money and rather start providing free broadband internet access to rural India via and value added services rather than only allowing few marquee websites.

First of all internet. Org is not a non profit and its not as the savior of the internet. Its a pure effort of FB to get internet monopoly and deeper market penetration as FB has reached its maximum capacity as a social media platform as we know it and need to reinvent itself.

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